Stamping Bench


Our metal stamping bar is free for customer use with the purchase of our metal blanks. We also take custom orders at the rate of $1 per character, or .50 for bulk orders. 

We carry a wide selection of pewter, brass, copper, alkeme, aluminum, nickel, and some sterling silver. These premade jewelry blanks are manufactured for metal stamping. Please do not bring in outside metals such as pennies or hardware store washers. These metals are not tempered for jewlery making and can damage our stamps. We also carry 6x6 metal sheets for cutting out your own shapes, and we can show you how to do that too!

We have over thirty fonts to choose from, as well as plenty of designs, from the zodiac, to all things holidays and families. We even have a Greek Alphabet and an Arkansas state outline. The possibilities for customization are endless. 

If you are new to jewelry crafting or just want all the in's and out's of this technique, consider booking private instruction. A Beadchick will spend an hour showing you all the tricks you'd ever need to know about metal stamping.  

Customers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.