Do you need to have a necklace or bracelet restrung?
Is the bead cord fraying and you are afraid to wear the piece again?
Did the clasp break on your favorite beaded bracelet?
Want to change your earrings from pierced to clip-ons?
Has your heirloom beaded jewelry broken?
Do you want to turn a stretchy bracelet into one with a clasp?
Is the chain on your necklace broken?
Does your necklace need to be shorter or longer?
Did you lose a favorite earring?
Is your bracelet to small or too large?
Do you have beaded necklaces, bracelets or earrings that you're unable to wear because they're in a plastic bag or the bottom of your jewelry box broken into a bazillion pieces?
Do you have that favorite old necklace sitting in your drawer?
Did you accidentally break your friend’s bracelet?
If the answer is "yes", bring your broken jewelry to Argenta Bead Company and have it repaired so you can begin wearing your pretty jewels again.
We are a trusted bead store that has been successfully repairing beaded jewelry since 2001. We have seen a wide variety of pieces from the most basic bead restringing to the most intricate and unique jewelry reconstruction. We have many happy clients who can now wear jewelry they once thought was lost to them.
Argenta Bead Company is pleased to accept most bead stringing, wire work, pearl knotting and other jewelry repairs that involve beads. Beadchicks do not offer repairs that require soldering, but sometimes we can use our crafty minds to find different ways to fix and repair your jewelry. If not, we can refer you to a reputable jeweler who does solder.
Please allow up to 10 days for your jewelry repair to be completed (sometimes longer during peak seasons). If you require your jewelry within one day a rush fee of $10.00 will be included. This moves you to the top of our priority list! (sometimes up to 36 hours to be completed during peak seasons.)
By definition a repair is the exact reconstruction of an existing, broken or worn-out piece of jewelry. We accept weaving repairs on a case by case basis. Argenta Bead cannot be responsible for beads that are decaying or falling apart from age or wear. In some cases, when deconstructing pieces, we encounter beads which we are not able preserve. We will recommend another comparable material (or bead) and will reconstruct the piece as close to its original form as we are possibly able. We reserve the right not to accept any repair that we do not feel we can complete satisfactorily.
Due to the wide variety of beads and materials we will need to see your jewelry before we can give you a price quote.
Prices will be confirmed after assessing required repairs. Often, on the spot repairs cost only the price of your replacement parts!
Some simple repairs are done the same day while others take a week or two to finish.
We are confident you will be pleased with our quality repair service. All work is warranted against defect of materials and/or workmanship for seven (7) days after pickup, with your original itemized receipt. Please be certain to inspect your repair immediately upon pickup.
Due to insurance regulations, we are unable to perform repairs on any item with a stated value more than $250.00 or amber jewelry under any circumstances.
We may offer a discount on multiple repairs, depending on the amount of work you need done.
Extra fees may be included if there is design work created by a Beadchick.
Should you wish not to repair your jewelry, it is possible to use the components in a complete redesign. We are happy to let you know what's possible! Custom design fees are based upon the work performed. A Beadchick will be happy give you estimated time & materials in a written quote.
Want to learn how to repair your jewelry yourself? We offer private instruction where you can bring in your broken jewelry and learn one-on-one how to bring your jewelry back to life.
Many jewelry repairs we can actually teach you to do yourself. We lend tools at our worktable, sell most necessary materials, and offer friendly staff support.