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We often get asked, "Do you sell wholesale?"

Argenta Bead Company is a retail bead shop.  However, we do offer a 15% courtesy discount to customers who provide us with a copy of their Arkansas Sales and Use Tax Permit (or another state's applicable form) and a completed For Resale Application.

You can bring your permit in and we'll make a copy and we'll give you a For Resale Application to complete.

You can also text or email us a copy of your permit and our completed For Resale Application.

Sales and Use Tax Permit 

For Arkansas residents, we must have a copy of your Arkansas Sales and Use Tax Permit.  A (bad) picture of ours is below.  This is the only  acceptable permit.  For customers from out of state, your permit may appear a little different.  Wording may be slightly different but must refer to sales, use, tax, etc.

Permits, forms, licenses which are not acceptable are:

EIN - Employer Identification Number

FEIN - Federal Employer Identification Number

City Business Permit

County Business Permit

Our For Resale Application

Complete a copy of our For Resale Application. 

ABC for resale application.doc ABC for resale application.doc
Size : 26 Kb
Type : doc

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