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Why do you not offer refunds on classes?

Posted by Ellen Roy on Friday, January 16, 2015 Under: Class
Try looking at it this way - what if your boss told you to come in Monday morning at 9 am prepared to give her and 3 of your co-workers a presentation on what you do in a typical week at work.  You'd spend the weekend gathering your thoughts, practicing what you would say, maybe get together some samples of your work.  Monday morning comes and you get to work early to set up for your presentation.  9 am comes and goes.  No one has shown up.  You call your boss.  Oops - she forgot to tell you she changed her mind and no one is coming.  Not only that, you're not needed for the day so take the day off without pay.  Doesn't feel very good.

Well, our instructors do their best to prepare for classes and be ready start on time.  They've put in the work, shown up and expect to get paid whether students show up or not - so we pay them whether students show up or not.

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