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Do I need to pre-register for a class?

August 25, 2017
Yes please!  We greatly appreciate it when students register for classes in advance as it really helps in preparation.  Some instructors are contractors and some have children and need to arrange childcare.  The more notice they have to make arrangements the easier it is on them and the more likely they will want to teach classes here.

Also, if no one has registered for a class, the classroom won't be prepped.  Wouldn't you rather show up for a class with all the essentials laid out for you?  Kinda like showing up for a dinner party and having the table all set :-)

I heard you did away with the green Bead Fiend cards where I earned free beads, is it gone?

August 11, 2017
Yes, the green Bead Fiend cards are being retired.  But don't worry!  We'll give you credit for any stamps you already have. 

We recently switch to a Square cash register system and part of the system is a star download star emoji Icon loyalty program. 

When you bring in your green card you'll get a discount that day for how ever many stamps you have.  The stamp on the top is $1 and each additional stamp is $2.  So, if you have 5 stamps (4 $2 and 1 $10) you'll get a $9 discount that day and we'll set you up in Squar...
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So Long Argenta!

March 20, 2017
We will miss Argenta!  We are so looking forward to SoMa!  Soft opening at 1608 Main St. in Little Rock on March 24th.  Grand opening to follow.....

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Will your hours change when you move?

March 1, 2017
Yes.  We took a long hard look at the hours for the other businesses in SoMa and came up with the following schedule:

Monday:  Closed
Tuesday to Friday:  11am - 6pm
Saturday:  11am - 5pm
Sunday:  11am - 3pm

The hours are subject to change as we all adjust to the new location.  The biggest change is we will be closed Monday instead of Sunday.  We'd love to hear your feedback on the new hours.  email ellie at argentabead dot com or call 501.537.0928.

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Are you moving?

January 24, 2017
Yes!  We are moving March 2017 to 1608 Main Street in Little Rock.  Details here.

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Did you change your hours?

October 2, 2015
Yes we did! Beginning October 3rd we will be open Saturdays 11-6 through the 2015 Holidays. If this makes you happy let us know. We might just keep the extended Saturday hours.

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What stone is this bead?

January 30, 2015
When shopping for stone beads we try to identify the stone before buying, however, this is not always possible.  Sometimes the vendor doesn't know, sometimes the vendor is overwhelmed and can't answer every query, sometimes the vendor forgets to write the stone name on the bag - the list goes on.  When we know the stone we write the name on the tag as we price it.  When we don't know a stone and need to look it up, here are a few websites we go to.  If you're trying to identify a stone you mi...
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Why do you not offer refunds on classes?

January 16, 2015
Try looking at it this way - what if your boss told you to come in Monday morning at 9 am prepared to give her and 3 of your co-workers a presentation on what you do in a typical week at work.  You'd spend the weekend gathering your thoughts, practicing what you would say, maybe get together some samples of your work.  Monday morning comes and you get to work early to set up for your presentation.  9 am comes and goes.  No one has shown up.  You call your boss.  Oops - she forgot to tell you ...
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I haven't used my wholesale license (Arkansas Sales and Use Tax Permit) in a long time. Can I still use it at Argenta Bead?

January 16, 2015
Sure - if your permit is still valid.  Go to the ATAP website to make sure.  Want to know how?  Click here.
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Can I get more of anything that I buy at your store?

December 16, 2014

It depends on what kind of beads or
materials that you are purchasing. Many
of our items that we sell are vintage and
we only receive these items in limited
quantities. If you will be needing more of an item, make sure to ask us if there is accessibility to more of it.

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