We provide:

Knowledgeable and friendly Beadchick hostess(es)

Work area with mat for each person and tools as appropriate

All materials (unless otherwise noted) needed to complete project(s)

Demonstration and examples of chosen project where applicable

Encouragement for each participant to complete the project on their own and completion of the project if they are unable

Set up assistance for events with participant provided food and/or gifts

For the Earring Cocktail party that includes food, we provide a simple wine and cheese menu with fruit, cheese, crackers, chips and dip as well as wine or non-alcoholic beverages.

Clean up

Expectations of the Party Hostess and Guests:

A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party date

Deposit will be credited toward total party fee or in the case of user-pay parties will be refunded to the hostess if minimum attendance is met

Payment is due after beading is completed

Please make your guests aware the scheduled project will be the focus of the Beadchick hostess(es). Time is not allowed for hostess(es) to assist in additional shopping (unless it is a Do Your Own Thing party) or to evaluate jewelry needing repairs, or assist in designing an additional unscheduled project

For children’s parties and adult hosted parties:

Party hostesses pay for the minimum number of guests even with no-shows or minimums not being met. In this case, you’ll have the choice of making extra jewelry at the party or taking a kit home for making later

For adult user-pay parties:

Each person attending the party pays the per person fee even if they do not make any jewelry

The user-pay fee covers the room rental and Beadchick hosting fee

If there are no-shows or the minimum is not met the hostess pays the per person fee to meet the minimum

For hostesses choosing to utilize our Party RSVP and Payment option, guests will pay an additional processing fee when paying their deposit except in the case of Earring Cocktail parties hosted by Argenta Bead in which case the fee is included


Argenta Bead Company Party Agreement