Meet the Beadchicks 

B. Rachel Fletcher, Manager

Rachel has been at Argenta Bead since September of 2013.  She dove head first into the world of beading and jewelry making and has made astronomical strides in her creative designs and skills.  

Rachel now loves sharing her knowledge by developing and teaching new classes at Argenta Bead.

Miranda Wilson, Beadchick

Miranda has been at Argenta Bead since May of 2012.  She has a wide knowledge of a variety of crafts and is a wiz at jewelry repair.

Somers Collins, Beadchick

Somers has been at Argenta Bead since January 2015.  She's all about the world cultures section of Argenta Bead.  Her favorites are from the Indian culture, especially all things Hindu.

Nuggets, Former Greeter

Nuggets loved greeting everyone who walked through the doors at Argenta Bead.  She especially loved the customers who brought her treats! We miss her everyday.  We love customers who bring their pups in so we can get a temporary shop dog fix.  

Ellen Roy, Founder and Owner

Ellen began development of what would become Argenta Bead Company in December of 2000.  She LOVES beads.